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Recorded Appearances 

Sumo Punx

Mika appears as a guest with hosts Matt, an amateur sumo wrestler and veteran musician in the Oklahoma hardcore punk scene, and Sabrina, a crass and irreverent crust-goth satirist, share their love for sumo wrestling to talk about all things sumo and to recap the first nine days of aki basho 2023! It can be listened to on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Inside the Dohyo #3

Mika appears as a guest with World of Sumo founder Scott Findlay and moderator Graham Densham, on the Inside the Dohyo podcast, episode #3, to discuss sumo, and more specifically, talk predictions for the 2021 Nagoya basho! The podcast is part of the YouTube channel World of Sumo

The Mono-ii #7

Mika appears as a guest with host Ash Warren, author of The Way of Salt, on the Mono-ii podcast, episode #7, to discuss sumo! This is a special episode as it includes the first all-female guest roster. It can be listened to at